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This remembrance website was created to honor the memory of our beautiful little girl,
*~Jordan Ezra Taffe~*
Jordan was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 04, 2006 to Ariana and Clive . She is the youngest of four children. Her older brother and sisters; Jahvon, Kaya & Zion are filled with her spirit. No words can express the immense amount of love we will always have for her. She is our precious, priceless gift from God. We are blessed to have held such a sweet little angel in our arms. At 28 days old, Jordan spread her wings and flew away to the Promised Land on January 02, 2007.

'SIDS happened' one night as she rested peacefully in her mothers arms, leaving so many broken hearts behind...
We will cherish her forever & for all eternity.
...Her name means
Descendant Helper
This, in it's self, is a revelation to me.

Every minute of everyday, I am thankful for the gift of my child. No matter how brief her stay,
I am thankful for each minute, each day.
-Ariana Adam

My sweet little love,
I set you free...
Here on Earth,
You were not meant to be...
In my heart you will always stay
It was God's plan to be this way...
-Ariana Adam

Below are a few of the many poems my mommy wrote for me, please look through the tributes section to read more of her poetry.

"If I Would've Known..."

Written By Ariana Adam, 1.21.07 

If I would've known what was to come before the morning light
I wouldn't have slept, I would've watched over you through the night.

If I would've known what was to come before the morning light
I would've stayed with you and played with you and held you oh so tight.

If I would've known what was to come before the morning light
I would've prayed and prayed and asked GOD to spare your soul that night.

If I would've known what was to come before the morning light
I would've asked GOD to help me see what plan HE had in sight.

If I would've known what was to come before the morning light
But I didn't know and I couldn't know

...And only GOD knows why

For My Little Angel,
~Jordan Ezra Taffe~
Dec. 4, 2006 ~ Jan. 2, 2007

From your Mommy,
I'll always love you! 

"~Visit From An Angel~ "
Written By Ariana Adam, 2.7.07

An Angel came to me one day
She touched my heart in such a special way

That Angel, she spoke to me with her eyes
And used an earthly voice that came as soft cries

I thought that she would stay with me
But I didn’t know what I couldn’t see

This Angel she had a different plan
She’d soon spread her wings and leave this land

If only she would have stayed a while longer
There are so many things that we would’ve done

The time we did share is my most precious treasure
Blessed by her presence, it was more than my pleasure

Maybe someday she’ll stop by again
And fill this void that’s left within

If she doesn’t I’ll understand…
She’s waiting for Mommy in the Promised Land ...

“Beautiful Angel”
Written By Ariana Adam, 3.3.07

I know an Angel so beautiful to see
She came & spent 28 magical days with me

Mesmerized I was at my first glance of her
So blessed to have held her, of that I am sure

A precious gift from God, sent to me from the Heaven’s above
To help us embrace the true meaning of love

How I look at life will never be the same
Because of this tiny Angel, so much I have gained


This angel picture of Jordan was made by Aislinn Celeste's mommy, Donna. Aislinn also passed away from SIDS.
You can visit her webpage at

"Missing You"
Written By Ariana Adam, 2.9.07

I miss you, Jordan, as I have since you passed
As I always will ‘til we’re together at last

My love will surpass all space and time
Until I see you again, that’s when my heart will chime

My eyes will then see beauty as never before
My ears will hear symphonies and my soul will soar

It is at this time when we meet again
That I’ll fill this ‘space’ that was left within

Until that day, I’ll manage to live
Only not as I would have with you by my side…

This is a picture that I made of Jordan & her angel friend, Jarrett.
Jarrett also passed
away from SIDS. 
Please visit Jarrett's webpage & light a candle in his memory at  

“Love Notes For Little Jordan”
Written By Your Big Brother, Jahvon Taffe

I will always miss my little baby Jordan
She is in Heaven but I believe she is with me all the time.

If I could walk up a rainbow and 
ask God to let my little Angel come back
And play with me just one more time…
I would. 

"Little Sweet Pea"
Written By Ariana Adam, 3.2.07 

I miss you Little Sweet Pea
Daddy does too, he told me so

We wonder what you would be doing right now
Why did you have to go so soon?

We all wanted you to stay forever
To see you grow from a sweet lil’ baby
Into a beautiful little lady

So many things will never be the same
As they would’ve been if we had you here with us

Everyday is so hard to get through
Knowing that you are not here

You’re our special Angel now
Watching us from up above

Just know how much we love you 
Rest & play... until we finally meet again...



To My Little Angel Jordan
From Your Big Brother Jahvon

My love Jordan will always be with me
I know God will take good care of her
But I will miss her

Zion helps me with the pain in my heart
I know it will heal soon

Jordan I love you from the bottom of my heart
I will always love you… 

“Our Sweet Little Angels”
Written By Ariana Adam, 5/22/07

So many little angels rest up above
Leaving mommies and daddies and families they love

Our little angels are never too far
Close as a wish on that beautiful star

How tiny they were when they left this land
Destined for greatness, for something so grand

The impact they made and the depth of our love
Makes them greater than the sky above

We love our little angels and will always wonder why…
A piece of our hearts has been torn from inside

‘Sweet little angel, set free like a dove
Now flying high in the Heaven’s above’

The Lord has blessed me in so many ways...
Lord, thank you for all of my children.
My life & being have been enriched because
of my beautiful blessings!


We miss you each day,
A little more than the day before...

This was made for Jordan by Cindi. 
Thank you sweetie & God bless you!

A candle burns ETERNALLY in our hearts for you, Jordan...

Baby Jordan

SIDS Facts...
SIDS claims the lives of almost 5,000 infants in
the US each year...that's nearly 7 babies every day. SIDS claims more babies than any other disease.

1.)  SIDS deaths occur unexpectedly and quickly to apparently healthy infants, usually during periods of sleep. 

2.)   SIDS is not caused by suffocation, choking, or smothering.

3.)   SIDS is not caused by child abuse or neglect. 

4.)    SIDS is not contagious.

5.)  SIDS occurs in families of all races and socioeconomic levels. 

6.)  SIDS cannot be predicted or prevented and can claim any baby, in spite of parents doing everything right.

For more information on SIDS & SIDS Facts, please visit

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Family Tree
Tributes and Condolences
Great Grandma   / Michele Adam (Grandma)
Jordan it has been so long my baby girl. Your Great Grandma passed into Our Father's heavenly peace 3/09yesterday. By now she is holding you and kissing your beautiful little cheeks. I am sending my own special hugs and kisses also. We still miss you...  Continue >>
Precious Baby   / Michele Adam (Gramma)
Jordan~I wish you love & hugs this Thanksgiving.We miss you so much. Watch over your MommyDaddy and siblings...LuvGramma
Happy Birthday lil angel   / Michele Adam (Gramma)
Jordan- I can't tell you how often I wish I could hold you close and especially today on your birthday. Sad that we cannot have you here to celebrate and watch you learn and grow. But I see you sitting on our Father's lap smiling and surrounded by ma...  Continue >>
Beautiful angel   / Michele Adam (Gramma)
Hi sweetie! Been a long time since I have written,but still I miss you my precious Jordan. Your baby sister, Sinai,isgrowing so much and is filled with your spirit. How I wish you could be here with us to see her....But I know someday we will be toge...  Continue >>
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Her legacy
The Day Jordan Ezra Blessed Us With Her Presence  

December 4th was a beautiful morning, bright blue sky, and cool crisp air. I walked Jahvon & Kaya to school & stood at the bus stop, headed into work. I got to work about 9:15, came in got my coffee & sat down to check my e-mail. Jordan was kicking up a storm, as usual. It was a “different” kicking this morning though. Then I felt like I should get up & go to the bathroom, but something said, “Don’t move Ariana”. I knew as soon as I stood up my water was going to break. So I emailed my mom to tell her my water was about to break. Sure enough, as soon as I stood up my water broke at 35 weeks & 5days. I felt a bit stressed though.

I hadn’t finished getting everything ready for Jordan at home. I wasn’t ready to have her just yet, but she was ready to come into this world and bless us with her presence! I called my husband and told him that my water had broke & I was going to go to the hospital. My co-workers were rather anxious, everyone gathered around my desk asking, “Who’s taking Ariana to the hospital?!” Lisa said she would take me, I just felt so awful about the interior of her car with all this “mess” that had completely soaked my pants & shoes. Lisa didn’t mind though.
“Our Office Baby” was on her way!

We reached the hospital & I went in to the ER entrance where they told me I had to go to the 7th floor. So I walked to the elevator, leaving a “trail” of water behind me. When I got to the Labor & Delivery ward I told the lady at the front desk that I was about to have my baby. She asked me how I knew, I had to laugh, she hadn’t seen the mess I’d made all over the hospital. So I told her my water broke & she gave me an I.D. bracelet & the nurse showed me into a room. They took my blood pressure & told me I needed to try and relax because my pressure was really high.

I was just so nervous though, not a feeling I felt with my other three children’s births. My husband was at home with our 15-month-old daughter, Zion, waiting for my call to let him know I had gotten to the hospital & was all right. I didn’t get to call him for about 2 hours, until they moved me into my labor room. 

There was a great sense of peace I found in that room. What a beautiful view of all the trees outside, red, yellow & brown leaves covering their branches. And I could see the sun shining through the branches. God's Angels were there waiting to welcome Jordan as well. Jordan is one of His most precious angels that would deliver a message of hope & faith to us.
We just didn't know it yet...

I called my co-workers to let them know I was okay & would update them with any news as it came. Now all I could do was sit and wait for Jordan to make her appearance. After many contractions and much pain, I knew it wouldn’t be long until Jordan arrived. Little did I know that Jordan was waiting for Daddy to get there… So after Daddy had got the other children settled with his brother, he came to be with me as we waited for our fourth child to arrive.

Daddy got to the hospital about 8:00pm; Jordan came into the world at 8:49pm. See, I told you, she was waiting for Daddy! Jordan Ezra Taffe was finally here! She weighed 5lbs. 11oz. and was 18 ½ inches long. Amazingly beautiful; ten little fingers, ten little toes, two bright eyes, pretty little ears, my nose & lips. She had mommy’s nose & lips! WOW! She was gorgeous. I held her for a minute then gave her to Daddy. He was so proud, same way he’s been with all of his children. But he had a special look in his eyes as he gazed at Jordan, she was so special and he knew it just like I did.

Well, Daddy had to get home & put the other three to sleep, Jahvon & Kaya still had to got to school in the morning. So I had time to spend with my little angel. That time is so precious to me. She was so beautiful. I would just hold her because I didn’t want to put her down. Just hold her close to my heart because I am her mom and I could do that. I cherish the time I had to spend alone with her, away from the hustle & bustle of “everyday”. Just Mommy & Jordan time, I’ll hold those days close to my heart, just as I will everyday that she spent with us.

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